Destination Accounting

Destination Accounting exists to help businesses and individuals fulfill their God-given purpose. When the founder, Dave Pasman, CPA, CA was confronted with poverty on a missions trip to Eastern Europe in 2006, he returned determined to help people start and operate businesses in order to provide for their families.    

After completing his CPA designation and spending twelve years working as an accountant at a large national firm and then a local Alberta firm, Dave founded Destination Accounting in 2020.

Destination Accounting takes the time to understand each client so that the best possible financial plan can be created to help you reach your destination. Destination Accounting knows that business and tax advice HAS to focus on where you want to end up.

Flexibility and creativity are built into the tax system to help businesses and individuals reach their goals but your accountant can only help you maximize your tax benefits if he/she understands you.

We also understand that nobody likes to receive surprise bills – especially from their accountant. That is why we provide quotes for the work we do and there is never a charge for picking up the phone or sending an email to ask a question. At Destination Accounting, questions are always free.

Dave Pasman lives in Three Hills with his wife and four children. The family enjoys road trips, adventures to the mountains (summer and winter) and visiting with friends and family. “Jesus is the center of our family” is the first value posted on the wall of the Pasman house and the family takes the challenges and opportunities of this value seriously as they attempt each day to live this value inside and outside their home.

Destination Accounting Professional Corporation is a full-service bookkeeping and accounting firm. Our services include:
• Corporate taxes
• Bookkeeping
• Personal taxes
• Government Subsidy Applications
• Payroll
• Tax planning
• Tax preparation
• Tax filing
• Estate planning
• Financial planning
• Business coaching
• Business consulting

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